A local Las Vegan makes it as Huge Music Star Manika releases her newest single to Top 40 Radio featuring her latest new single "I Might Go Lesbian (feat. Tyga) vidview video to hear this to to: https://soundcloud.com/manikaofficial/manika-feat-tyga-i-might-go-lesbian-explicit The music video with Tyga.  Manika's last single "B.Y.O.Bugatti" charted number 12 in Billboard sales and charted on Top 40 / Rhythmic radio. Her new single to be released to Top 40 radio this month is a collaboration with Tyga. Manika will be headlining Wine Amplified Music Festival at MGM in Las Vegas sold out to 15,000 people with 50 Cent, Panic, At The Disco & Sublime. Manika has toured across North America with one of the most familiar musicaians that Vegas Scene has interviewed One Direction in past performances. She is also the host and provides all the music for new reality TV how to air on TLC next year (Global Beauty Masters). https://youtu.be/e9sFKrbTITA

Manika is an Asian-Spanish singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, host and published author. She was discovered by Michael Jackson's long-time manager (music exec Frank DiLeo). Manika toured with One Direction on their North American tour and collaborated with Tyga for her hit single "I Might Go Lesbian. " She also performed at KISS FM's Wango Tango, the Hollywood Style Awards, the nationally-televised Hallmark Hollywood Christmas Parade, and headlined Pepsi's Shop Til You Rock Tour. Her current single "How Can I Love" charted at number seven on the U.S. Billboard sales chart. 
Manika has her own radio show "Manika's Love Line" on Dash Radio (5 Million Listeners). Manika brings on celeb guests every week and together they give love advice to her fans and listeners. Manika also hosted "Global Beauty Masters" on the TLC network.

ManikaTYGAVegas Scene Speaks to Manika

How was it living in Las Vegas how do you like it what are your favorite things, places here?  Okay what can I say; I was born in Las Vegas where we party everyday.  Vegas has always and will continue be my home! I lived in LA just for a few years and I moved back because I missed Vegas so much. (I'd rather live in Vegas and travel to LA when I have to). When I say I love the nightlife here in Vegas, I don't just mean the partying (which by the way is the best in the world), what I mean is how when you are craving a nice dinner and shopping spree at 3am after a long studio session, Vegas has got you covered!

How did you get your first big break as an artist? I was discovered by Frank DiLe (Michael Jackson's long-time manager), who took on managing me during my first single release which followed with touring North America with One Direction :)

What would you say to young artist today especially in Las Vegas who are trying to get discovered?   Song-write! If you don't already song-write get into it! No one is going to give you their hit song, you have to write it yourself.. And nothing can stop a hit song from grabbing attention out there ;)

Can you share some information about your next concert in Las Vegas?  I just performed Wine Amplified music festival at MGM in Las Vegas along with 50 Cent, Panic! At The Disco and Sublime! This performance was out of this world! With fire dancers, pole dancers, live snakes, hand balancers, stilt walkers and many more surprises ;) I have some more tour dates I will be announcing soon keep checking on my website ManikaOfficial.com

Can you tell us more about the story behind your latest track ¨I Might Go Lesbian¨?  I was pretty bold with this song... the story is pretty much all there in the lyrics of the song no holding back this time. I've encountered too many jerks of guys in my life... heartbreakers, liars, cheaters but have I've encountered many fabulous souls of women today.

What was it like to work with Tyga?   I've always been a huge fan of Tyga's work! One of my favorite songs of all time is his "Rack City"... but now I'd have to say my favorite song of his is "I Might Go Lesbian (feat. Tyga)" verse 2 (his verse by the way LOL)... as he absolutely shut it down with his feature rap in my song ! 

To view the break out video go to: or just watch here at above link in article. https://youtu.be/aN_8wXEzO7o?list=PLI719MU-fkX8dwEdaRbMF57atu0fzvha6