Vegas Scene Food Experience - Salute Trattoria Italiana


You got to try this, Salute Trattoria Italiana at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. The venue is a local restaurant with elegance and class. The scene was trendy, and classy. The service is top notch and most importantly the food is excellent. Vegas Scene give it 5 out of 5. During out tasting, the chef created some of the most delectable, mouthwatering and savory dishes I have tasted for 2017 so far. The appetizers were tickling my taste buds creating all kinds of goodness. The food is attractive, tempting and pleasing to the eye, as it is as sinful to the taste. vidView Video  

Some of the many items I liked the best was the Spaghetti alle vongole -salute signature pasta-prime flatiron braciole-zucca in agrodolce-ahi tuna crudo which I thought were heavenly and divine to the senses, soothing the craving and desire of my pallet. The appetizers were quite appealing, some of the many we tried and recommend are: the garlic bread, pizzas as they were inviting to the taste buds as I savored every bite, the flavor was almost overwhelming to my taste buds. It was an evening full of surprises, from the appetizer, main course to the dessert and drinks.

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