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On the Las Vegas strip where we experienced a memorable night with food that exhilarated the taste buds with every bite and drinks that put a smile on everyone’s face with every sip as if one was drinking the nectar of the gods. The environment was accommodating, entertaining and welcoming with great lighting, roomy and warm ambiance leaving you with a feeling of being at home with friends and family while enjoying an evening of celebration. The Kitchen is well lit and immaculate with plenty of space between tables for people to walk through, the front entry is inviting and the decorations were the very definition of Las Vegas. Not just pizza at CPK- a wide variety of mixed drinks, 3 course meals, desserts and more.

A pizza bar where you can see the chefs prepare the pizza fun for kids! The venue is a unique family style setting for singles, and large groups, and intimate dining areas for smaller parties or couples.

The assortment of delicacies starting with the pallet teasing appetizers, to the succulent entrée and finishing up with the mind blowing desert that would make anyone smile from ear to ear with pleasure, will make your dining experience at the California Pizza Kitchen one of the most memorable moments of your visit to Las Vegas. The fine wines, hard drinks and fruity concoctions will make you want to become a bartender at your next party. The service is warm and attentive; the server is kind and accommodating with plenty of attention to detail, making our dining experience a night of sheer fun and excitement full of memories. Our experience left us wanting to return to try out more food and drinks and be pampered with great service from management and staff. Vegas Scene Magazine highly recommends California Pizza Kitchen to our readers and anyone looking for a great dining experience. Sponsored by: CPK.


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