SkinnyFATS®, a popular Las Vegas restaurant known for its 'happy' & 'healthy' split-menu that serves up an eclectic array of innovatively-named, mouth-watering new American fare, will open its fourth location in Downtown Summerlin®. Featuring the same flavor-forward casual gourmet menu, the new SkinnyFATS® locale will continue to deliver mouth loads of excitement to its fans, along with its colorful atmosphere-centric works by local artists, all available with the freshest cold-pressed juices in-hand. The ever-evolving restaurant is set to feature kombucha and craft beers on tap as well as liquor & juice cocktails at its new Downtown Summerlin® location.

Each SkinnyFATS® location provides 'Healthy' and 'Happy' menu options in addition to a specialty 'Benny of the Month' and weekly 'Sunday Sundaes'—shared directly to its social media fan base. SkinnyFATS® currently has three locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Its soon-to-be expanded flagship location at 6261 Dean Martin Drive debuted in June 2013, followed by 8680 W. Warm Springs Road in October 2014 and its newest and largest store at 6475 N. Decatur Blvd. just opened in January 2017.

About SkinnyFATS
SkinnyFATS is the best restaurant in the entire galactic system. The eclectic American menu is split between indulgent and healthy options, artfully blending a mix of gourmet comfort food and modern health-conscious fare under one roof. SkinnyFATS is a leading force in the Vegas restaurant scene with an unmatched restaurant concept, and has an unapologetic approach to food and beverage messaging. With the emphasis on "Healthy" and "Happy" menu sections, cold-pressed juices and a laidback vibe, SkinnyFATS subverts the traditional idea of quick service food with its experiential vibe, artsy atmosphere, and gourmet comfort food with-a-twist menu item lineup. With the freshest locally-sourced ingredients at the helm whether you're ordering a Cauliblaze, Cherry Popper, or Sweet Cheese Us, or fresh juices like the Hangover Remedy or Green Mile, to name a few, SkinnyFATS is a flavor-forward restaurant with a focus that lies in providing guests with creative and indulgent plates, whether from the 'healthy' or 'happy' side of the menu.

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